How to File GSTR-1 Return ( Meaning, Due Dates And Method of Filing)

Before diving into any concept, you must know the meaning of it.

GSTR-1 form is a statement of all the outward supplies of goods and services and (should include all the information regarding outward supplies of goods and services) to be submitted by the regular registered taxpayer on the GST PORTAL.

Regular dealer ( Who opted for monthly scheme) : 11th of next month

Regular dealer ( Who opted for quarterly scheme) : 13th of next month at the end quarter

Essential Points to remember before filing GSTR-1 :

  • Ensure that GSTR-3B are filed regularly for previous months. If you didn’t filed the previous two return then GSTN will not allow you to to file the GSTR-1 as well.
  • Sound internet connection Should be there for uploading the JSON file downloading the offline tool and filing Returns.
  • HSN summary : HSN summary is now mandatory for filing Returns. If you left the field blank then The penalty is of INR 50,000/- (INR 25000/- for CGST and SGST each ).
  • Ensure that the tax values are matching with the computed values.

You can file GST return from 3 method ( through Tally, Through offline tool, or filing directly on GST portal ). In This Blog i will teach you how to file GSTR-1 through Tally Prime (Method No – 1).


Step 1. Generate JSON file of GSTR-1

  • Go To Gateway of Tally> Display more reports> Statutory Reports > GST> GSTR-1.
  • Press f2 (for period) select the month for which you want to file your return.
  • Press ALT E And click on E-return from the upper box.
  • Select the file format as JSON as mentioned in the below image.
  • Mention the path where you want this JSON file.
  • No need to change the file name.
  • Set Export separate files for each section to YES
  • Set the option Export HSN/SAC summary to YES.
  • Set the option of export document summary to YES

NOTE : Make sure there should be no mismatch shown in GST return report in tally

After clicking on e return this details will appear
  • Press enter after setting all the details , now this box will appear.
  • Click on the send option for export the E-return.

STEP 2. Go to GST Portal

  • Go to the website and you have to log in to GST portal.
  • After log in successfully, click on the return dashboard.
  • Now you have to select the month(if you opted for monthly return scheme) or quarter (if you opted for quarterly return filing scheme). After clicking search, the four boxes will open (as shown in below screen). now click on prepare offline.
  • Now click on choose file and now you will select the JSON file you made from tally in the beginning.
  • After uploading JSON file successfully then click on back to file return , Now click on prepare online.
  • After clicking on prepare online these tabs will appear in which number of invoices & invoices amount info will reflect.
  • Next step is to Click on Generate Summary >File Statement ( With EVC or DSC).

This is the procedure of filing GSTR-1 from tally prime.

If you have any doubts or any question , Just comment down and we will get back to you in no time.

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